faq - photoshop actions

What is photoshop action?

"Actions are simply a means to record all the commands used to generate an effect in Photoshop for re-application later." -photoshopcafe.com

Therefore, after purchasing the actions, you can simply run and apply it to your images.

How to install photoshop action?

Simply copy and paste the *.atn files into:

C:\\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop X\Presets\Photoshop Actions (PC)

User/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop X /Presets/Actions (Mac)

*X is the version number of your Photoshop.

 How to load photoshop action?

1) Open Photoshop

2) Click Window >> Action

3) Click the little arrow which is located on the right top corner of the action palette

4) Choose the action that you download

5) Press the Play button in the Action palette

Will my image look exactly the same as the sample image after loading the photoshop action?

Results are varied on different images and they look the best with the same/similar lighting as the sample images.

How and when will I receive my photoshop actions?

All of the purchases will be sent on every Monday via email as attachments.

What if the action doesn't run?

If you have encountered any technical problems, please email: andreapun@gmail.com

What is the payment method?

Only Paypal is accepted.

For further questions, please email Andrea (andreapun@gmail.com), emails will be replied within 2 business days, please note that if you send the emails on the weekend, you will not receive a reply until Mon / Tues.