week 1: The Last Warrior / 最後的戰士

"the last warrior / 最後的戰士"

photography: andrea pun
model: katherine robbins
make up / hair: cy yu

stock used

this image marks the beginning of my 52 weeks project, a photo per week for a year. i once challenged a 365 self-portrait project when i first started photography back in 2009, i didn't complete and failed on day 300. but it was definitely a life-changing project. not only my skills in photographing (and photoshopping) was improved, it also made me determined to be an artist, a photographer.

(images from my 365 self-portrait project):

"it was a dream"


through out these years, i have become a full time photographer. i started to invest all of my time on making images that can support me financially. i have come to a realization that i need to find my voice again in order to remind myself who i am and eventually, i would like to shoot all of the commercial projects the way i do my personal work, so i have decided to start a 52 weeks project (cuz i'm pretty sure i will fail if i start a 365 again, having a goal that is achievable is quite important...right?  -__-)

model here is the lovely katherine, we got connected through deviantart years ago when i was in los angeles but we didn't manage to meet up, and later she moved to china for teaching and i relocated to hong kong. i'm so glad that we finally met up and did some images together, and i love her hair, it's so beautiful, i probably had said this about 10 times on the day we were shooting, but i just can't resist red hair T_T

an outtake

one more note, after 4 years of shooting, i finally understand the beauty of artificial lighting (i learned how to use them about 2.5 years ago, but i never liked it until now) so you can expect to see more images that will use strobes to be done :D



During the past one month, I had been 3 different cities in China. I spent the most time in Shenyang which is located in Northeast China. China is such a big place, the culture and language between the north and the south are so different (Hong Kong is located at the southern China), sometimes I feel blessed to be a photographer and being able to travel because of photography. Would never get a chance to meet so many beautiful people if I didn't choose this path.

Some of the images that taken with my phone:

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