June 4

It happened in Beijing 23 years ago. I wasn't even born yet, I used to not understand why so many people would go to Victoria Park for the candlelight vigil on June 4 year by year. Later, I learned about the incident from older generation, news, books and documentary videos. I could still feel the pain. It was cruel when our armies killed our unarmed students, and even more unforgivable when one (you know who) had been trying to deny the history and wipe off the memories for the past twenty-three years. Today, I went to Victoria Park, for the first time in my life, joining the other 180000 people - we were there to tell them that we didn't forget and up until today we were still seeking an official reassessment of the crackdown. 

What we believe is the truth, not lies.

Images from Hong Kong Yahoo News (2012-06-04):

Images from 1989 (unknown sources)

For the people who never heard about this incident, you can watch the following videos: