The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden

Photography: Andrea Pun 
Hair: Amanda Lyn 
Make up: Melissa Murdick 
Fashion Design and Styling: Aiya Liu 
Model: Angelina Maldonado (Q model)  

I did this photoshoot back in late Feb, thanks to my friend Vidiu for letting me to use his gears, I was able to set up a home studio. It was my first time of using non-"broncolor" strobes, I was pretty surprised that the quality of AlienBees. With its price, I think it's beyond expectation. Also, I really like how portable it is, as a female photographer, I always try to pack as light as possible. 

The idea of the shoot came from my broken skull,  I got this skull at a pretty early stage of my photography. It was one of the props that I've used the most (I used it so many times that I consider to named it T__T) and I've done a lot of self-portraits with it, for example: 

During one of the personal shoot last year, I dropped this skull accidentally and the top of its head got broken. I didn't want to throw it away, so I decided to put stuffs inside its head, therefore, one of the ideas came to life. From there, I decided to create a whole series of it, I started to draw sketches. Later, I met up with my stylist friend Aiya, and everything (like the direction of make up / hair...etc.) started coming to life.
All of the people from this team (except model) worked with me before, therefore, during the shoot, I can totally trust their skills and I loved the chemistry that we had as a team. I had to mention that the model Angelina was one of the youngest models I've ever photographed. She was only 12. I'm always amazed with models who can offer so much to a photographer at such a young age. 

This is also the first time I'm total in love with studio lighting, and I finally understand the beauty of artificial lights. :)

Some behind the scenes images: 

Amanda and Melissa were working at the same time, Angelina's hair took 2 hours to finish! (iphone image)
after 2.5 hours, Angelina's make up and hair were finally done :D! (iphone image)
setting up, was shooting in an almost empty bedroom (iphone image)
Amanda was modeling for the light test! (while Angelina was putting on the clothes)
Melissa was fixing Angelina's make up during the shoot
group picture!! :D