i can't believe i haven't blogged ANYTHING in 2012. T__T. i REALLY need to start reminding myself to blog more.

so early this month (Feb 7), i've turned 21, for those of you who wonder, i didn't celebrate my birthday with alcohol :P, in fact on that day, i did a personal shoot with Lush Flora in downtown LA. it was quite a last min photo shoot, therefore, i didn't plan a lot prior the shoot. i kept brain-storming when i was driving, finally when i arrived to her place, i saw a big fish tank, suddenly, i felt inspired, i knew that i needed to shoot with it... so here's the final image:

"a portrait of the drowned soul", model: Lush Flora
we also did couple shoots outside the place where she was staying, Flora was nice enough to allow me to shoot any concepts i want, so we did couple regular portraits, later, i asked her if i could photograph her in her underwear......well, we got into some kind of troubles, so by the end, we literally only got 3 mins to get the pic right, luckily i got the shot i needed:

"a daily routine", model: Lush Flora
there's a lot of decisions i would have to make this year, i hope it will be a great year even if it's not the easiest year.