feed the homeless

last night, i went to feed the homeless in downtown LA with my fellowship. there were 5 of us, and the car was fully packed with two big pots of homemade curry and rice, bottles of water, along with some donated clothing and around 30 pairs of warm new socks.

winter in LA isn't really cold during daytime, however, when the night arrives,  it can be very windy that no one wants to go on the street. it's heart-breaking to imagine how homeless people spend every night on the street without a shelter, especially when you see kids and elderly.

when i was passing out socks, there was one old man telling me that i had a great heart and he really appreciated the effort that we made. i was really touched. people who are in need could be so thankful and happy when someone was willing to show care for them.

there were so many homeless people, feeding them could be frustrating when some of them were cutting lines although i did ask them nicely, one of them even said "i'm 85, and you told me to line up for food!?" i thought he was kinda rude, but i also understood that he just wanted to get food in a cold night plus i guess i look too young to convince them to line up. T__T 

nonetheless, it was a meaningful night, and i would do more when my schedule allows.

our car was packed with stuffs.
passing out food...sorry i didnt bring my flash light, so it's kinda hard to see T__T

donated clothing, some of them were t-shirts, and some of them were sweaters

the line of getting food

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