this year went by so fast, i still remember how i started my year with a car accident when i was going to a photoshoot, having my first exhibition in downtown LA, then being interviewed/featured in Chinese magazines (it's meant a lot for me to be on the magazines that are from my home country), and by the end of the year, i started shooting commercial work.

"a silent moment", my FIRST image in 2011.

it was a life-changing year, not only in my personal life, but also in my photography life. i learned how to direct and collaborate with models when it comes to create conceptual portraits. i also experienced the difference between shooting commercial and personal work.

"numb", one of my favorite images from 2011.

if i could change one thing in 2011, that would be creating more images, and do more personal work. i was not able to shoot enough in this year, and i only upload 35 images on my flickr :(

"country living", one of the commercial work from 2011

even though i didn't update my flickr a lot, i could still feel the power of the community! in 2011, i met a lot of awesome people through this community and Charlotte is one of them. this year she came visit me, and we traveled to NYC together, this is one of the most remarkable trips i had in 2011!!

"she travels", model in here was Charlotte <3

my resolution for 2012:
1) to read & write more in english
2) to be true to my heart, and my soul in arts, so that i can create more that speak to me
3) to develop a conceptual (commercial) fashion portfolio

i know 2012 will not be an easy year for me, but i'll stay optimistic - keep working, keep perusing what i'm passionate about, and therefore by the end of next year, i wont be regret about anything.

wish you all have a happy new year.


GRACE said...
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clivem said...

Andrea - love your work. You are a real inspirational photographer - your shoots are fantastic, well planned and very professional. Keep them going dear friend.

Love and blessings always and God bless you,

Clive and Rosey, Australia xxxx