RevolveClothing Nov 2011

3 of the images i did for Revolve's homepage:

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Photography: Andrea Pun
Model: Chelsea @ Photogenics
Styling: Rik Villa
Hair / Makeup: David Rodriguez
Photography assistant: Jung Kim

Special thanks to Mo Li & Meg Cuna.

it was my first time to work with Revolve, in this photo shoot, i needed to photograph 15 looks in half a day in different locations. it was a very hectic day, especially with the day time saving during winter, the sun went down really fast, there was literally no sunlight anymore around 4-ish,  so i had to finish the last couple looks in a very short period of time. T__T

i spent quite a bit time to do the location scout, and brain-storming the ideas or feeling that i was going for prior the shoot. it went quite smooth, but when i was photographing Chelsea for the last couple looks, the place that i was photographing was next to two way driveway, so cars started to drive so slow (because the drivers wanted to look at model?) that they actually created some traffics, at that moment i kind of wished the place was more "quite" / "private"...sigh.

i had such a great team to help me out throughout the shoot, i also photographed Chelsea 1.5 years ago for test shoot, later on she told me that that test shoot was actually her first test shoot in her modeling career......isn't it crazy to see how time flies!!!!!